Marcellus, talking to Horatio, in Hamlet says Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”  The old adage that the fish rots from the head down was the metaphor for the failing Hamlet and that things were fishy.  So we are told to follow the science but all along the question becomes which science?  Are we to follow the science that said that coffee was bad or the science that says it is good?  There was science that said that masks were bad and reserved for medics until there wasn’t and folks started making money on masks.  There are all kinds of bloviating experts pontificating on everything from intersectionality and racial justice to race memories and melatonin levels and we are told to listen because they are experts.  We were told early that the virus wasn’t political  until it was and minorities were hardest hit.  Political experts weighed in and the science changed. My theory that an expert is anyone who lives more than a hundred miles away and likes to talk is verified daily.

So let’s follow the science.  One of these wailing artists that get awards for music no one but the “in crowd” listens to was given a covid test in both nostrils and the left nostril was positive, (there is a political point here somewhere) and the right nostril was negative.  So the science says that this gal is half contagious and half not.  How does that work?  Did she lose the sense of smell in the left and not the right?  Does she only quarantine half the time?  So the testing is the science we are to follow where does it take us.

Follow the science.  We closed down restaurants and bars and yet when asked where the new rash of infections is coming from the scientists have no answers.

When asked why new infections happen when all the restrictions have been in place, there is no answer.  You and I will be blamed if we are conservatives and excused if we are libs, but the point is no one really knows how this thing is getting around.  Science has the answers we are told burthey still haven’t produced any.

So none of this passes the smell test in either nostril but I’m sure some expert will find an answer and it will be scientific.  Keep following the science, it has worked out so well up till now.  So far this stuff all stinks to high heaven but you can always spritz some deodorant into your mask and hope that science proves you can be free of infection in one nostril.


if she only nrathes out of the rifht side of her nose.