There are times where preachers, if they are honest, will admit that some of the things people say about their sermons bring them up short, either because of the understanding of what was said, or the misunderstanding of what was said.   Of course we would much rather speak so clearly and plainly is there can be no misunderstanding of our presentation of Christ and him crucified. That is what  preaching should be and must be.

I preached about Luther’s reliance upon Christ in all the times of adversity and danger and I mentioned that “A Mighty Fortress” was written in plague times and after the death of his daughter.  I evidently ended saying, “and so he sang, amid, and actually against, all the trials he faced.”

However I said it, the circumstances of the hearer plus the words of the sermon made an impression and touched a heart.  That is a privilege and a humbling responsibility.