I said in the last blog that anything that almost an entire congregation turns out for is worth talking about.  I also wrote in a previous blog that Jesus commandment was a “truly new thing” when He said that his disciples were to love as he loved them.  There was, in no sense of the word, any “merciful concern for the poor” before Jesus came and gave that commandment.  Before the Christian Church was born there were no orphanages, schools of help for the blind, the deaf, the insane or handicapped.  In fact early in the churches life there was no need for these things because “every Christian home was an asylum for the……… indigent”  There are reports from history that members of the early church would go door to door in what we would call a motel, and see if any of the travelers were sick or had died during the night.  If they found someone sick they would help.  If they found someone dead they would give them a proper burial.  They did these things freely of their own will.  It was reported by a Roman governer that wherever the pagans are (read Christians) there are no homeless or hungry or sick littering the streets “as there are in Rome”.  It used to be the norm that the entire congregation were workers of mercy.  So here are somemore pictures of the Trinity expedition to the Northland Rescue Center.
















The quotes above come from a book called “Christian Charity in the Early Church” that I am finding fascinating.  We will be talking about it more.  In the meantime I have had a lot of response to that last blog.  I would love to hear about other congregations and their “expeditions”.