When we started this blog we said that we wanted to capture the partnerships and the myriad of things that we do as the body of Christ, up here in the North Country.  I am stunned as I travel around Minnesota North and North Dakota of the things that congregations support and participate in because the “love of Christ compels them”.

Northlands Rescue Center in Grand Forks
Earlier this Spring almost the entire congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church in Drayton traveled to Grand Forks to the Northlands Rescue Center where they cooked and served lasagna and ice cream desserts.  I discouraged taking pictures because I thought that was very intrusive but I did get some snap shots of some of the members and their families after the dinner and clean up.

Some Trinity members

The two boys in the hats called Bingo later in the evening.

Trinity Members and relatives

This is not all the people that were there and some even brought their relatives along.  The interaction with the clients was a good thing to see.  At any rate I thought that any project where almost the entire congregation shows up was worth talking about.  I plan to keep track of all the different mercy/witness emphasis that I hear in the Districts and let you know what God’s people do because the love of Christ compells us.