waiting room

“Come what may, as the Last Day approaches, our Lord is with us and we are with Him; we need not fear. It seems that most doctors’ offices have waiting rooms.  Having to wait to see the busy doctor is almost inevitable. As you wait, how do you spend your time in the waiting room? Perhaps you pass the time by paging through a magazine, watching whatever station the television may be tuned to, or looking around at other patients who have to wait along with you. However, more important than how we spend our lives waiting for the doctors to see us is how we spend our lives waiting for Jesus to return for us. In our Epistle
reading from 2 Thessalonians, the apostle Paul instructs us in our waiting by saying, “Do not grow weary in doing good”.  This is from a bulletin announcement for Creative Worship in the Lutheran Parish.  Boy did that bring back memories.  I wrote a sermon years ago called “Waiting in the living room rather than lving in the waiting room”.  I remember being pleased with that sermon.  I never saved it but I wrote a blog about it too. See June 19,2011

How many of us live in the  waiting room?  We sit anxious and concerned, looking with dread for the next  nurse or Dr. to come, or waiting with bated breath for the phone to ring to get the news that the worst has happened or that we need to “do something”.  How much better and more faithful to our confession is it to “wait in the living room”!  Live your life to the fullest, serve God and your neighbor in your vocation and “wait” on the Lord to give you your blessings and your trials to more faithfully serve him in Christ.