I am told that the lime green hats are the folks from North Dakota.  I don’t know what color was born by the folks from Minnesota North but many were there.

The March for Life for us focuses on the Sanctity of Life.  We are endowed by the creator with certain inalienable rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Somewhere along the line we took the rights based philosophical concept of what “rights” are and made them the be all and end all.  Rights without responsibility is abhorrent and in the end reprehensible.  My right to do what I want is one thing, but when it eventually evolves as it always does, to a coercion that others must consent to what I do, and in fact pay for it, we have entered a strange world indeed.  We have taken the first enumerated right and placed it behind liberty and happiness.  That was done at the urging of the already born.

The rise of the modern “nanny state” is based upon a strange oxymoron; if you can escape the murderous nanny and are fortunate enough to be born you will be cared for by that nanny from cradle to grave.  It may not be the best care.  We are treated daily to the fact that the nanny state does not feed all of her children all of the time when 1 in 5 children are hungry most of the time.  You may not get a good education even though it is your “right”, but rest assured you will have pounded into your head that you have rights.  You might be bundled off this mortal coil in your dotage, but rest assured it will be by some well meaning minion who espouses their own idea of a right to life.

The March for Life is a sign that their still are those who believe that the primary task of a government no matter how ordered is to protect the most vulnerable.