I guess not.  The children definitely are fot above average.

After the Trump rally in Minneapolis, Ken Martin the head of the Democrat Party in Minnesota, explained what was going on in Minneapolis, and of course said that he wasn’t there at the riots and didn’t condone them, but then he went on and condoned them. He said that Trump creates the hatred and divides, but of course he, Martin, is a peacemaker and bringer together. “We have to come together” is the message he preached on one hand and then on the other hand said that folks that voted for Trump are unwelcome in Minneapolis. Not sure how coming together by separation works in any world but democrat world. You have to have an interesting take on reality. You promote free speech by banning speech on campus and making words illegal. You defend freedom of religion by banning Christians from the public square. You care for the downtrodden and needy by allowing them to live in filth. You demand transparency by holding hearings in secret and behind closed doors. You defend the freedom of the press by calling news outlets and telling them not to allow certain people on the air or let them be interviewed by the newspapers and ask that twitter accounts be frozen. I could go on but what is the point?

Anecdotal evidence is out there that Minneapolis authorities did their best to destroy the idea of Minnesota nice. There are reports of excessive heat in the concourses so that people would be uncomfortable and sweaty. There are also reports that porta potties in supply and in strategic locations were mysteriously moved father away from the lines and at the venue making it inconvenient. People thought that was strange but I don’t. The mayor of Minneapolis is like the other democrat mayors of big cities who seem perfectly content to have folks using the bathroom in the streets.