psalm 2


So the President of the United States tells all who will listen that foreign rulers are “rattled” by Donald Trump.  There is an interesting discussion going on in some circles that ask a fascinating  question – after 8 years of being confused, ignored, lied to and stabbed in the back as allies, or coddled, apologized to and fawned over if you are our enemies, can being “rattled” be such a bad thing?.

There are all kinds of chicken little speeches and apocalyptic language being used by, as Douglas MacArthur called them, ‘temporary functionaries holding office”.  The number of people who are beginning to realize that Government usually does more harm than good is growing but so is the number who see it as a Savior.  The number who just want to be left alone remains seemingly stagnant.

Big events can be frightening and fear mongering is a classic political ploy.  Luther had some interesting comments to Christian’s who were depressed about how badly things were going for them as Christian’s.  Luther commented on the verses in Psalm 2 that talk about nations raging and the kings of the earth plotting against God and against His Christ.  We have talked before about the fact that governments by nature must get to the point where they are god.  That is why religion must be kept in the private sector and be a personal matter.  God’s response of course is to laugh at these political animals and Luther says……..

Since now the eternal and almighty Ruler, who is called God and who remains eternally, laughs at them and holds them in derision, why should we be afraid of them, fret, and weep? Truly God holds them in derision not for His own sake (He will evidently remain living as the One in heaven in spite of their anger) but for our comfort, that we too might take heart and courage and so might laugh at their onslaughts. Therefore in these matters nothing is necessary for us but to believe such things and in strong confidence to pray in the name of Christ that God, because He has erected His kingdom and this is His work, would desire to strengthen the same. For since He has stimulated all this through our activity, counsel, advice,
thoughts, and undertakings, and up until this time has regulated it, guided it, and maintained it, I do not doubt in the least that He will surely complete it by our counsel and doings. For I know (says St. Paul), on whom I have believed. I also am certain that He can give more, can do, advise, and help exceedingly much more abundantly than we ask or understand. He is called the Lord, who wonderfully, gloriously, and mightily can and will help, and especially when the need is most pressing. We should be men and not God. {Wir sollen Menschen und nicht Gott sein.} We should comfort ourselves with His Word and with all confidence in His promise call upon Him for His deliverance in the day of trouble; He will help us.