Last week was so busy with taking care of mothers issues I never had a chance to set up a blog honoring mother’s.    It is interesting how much work a blog takes and how much work caring for individuals takes as well.  I was always amazed at the fact that parents cared for their children and when the parents got old the children couldn’t care for them because it is too much work.  Anyway Luther talked about the vocation of mothers in his lectures on Genesis.

“[The godly] see that their wives are adorned with the blessing and glory of motherhood, namely, that we are all conceived, born, [and] nurtured by them. To me it is often a source of great pleasure and wonderment to see that the entire female body was created for the purpose of nurturing children. How prettily even little girls carry babies on their bosom! As for the mothers themselves, how deftly they move whenever the whimpering baby either has to be quieted or is to be placed into its cradle! Get a man to do the same things, and you will say that a camel is dancing, so clumsily will he do the simplest tasks around the baby. I say nothing about the other duties which mothers alone can perform.