The WHO is in the news lately for many reasons. I couldn’t help but think what the conversation between two political parties might be like over the organization or at least a discussion of defunding the WHO.  I leave it to you to identify the parties.


1. So the administration is going to defund WHO.

2.  Who?

1. Yes.

2.  Why?  I don’t understand.

1.   They think they are not doing a good job,  they’re a communist front, and that they are nefarious.

2.  The Who?

1.  No not “The Who” – WHO.

2.   Are you trying to play a game? Am I supposed to guess who who is?

1.  Not “Guess Who” – I told you who.

2.   You haven’t told me who and I have to guess who who is right?

1.  No.   I have told you WHO is going to be defunded and the money that has been given to them is going out to someone else.

2.  Who?

1.  Who what?

2.   Who will get the money?

1.   No  WHO will lose money.

2.  But who will get it?

1. No they are defunded.

2.   OK let’s try this. When the government funds  WHO,  they send a check. Who gets it?

1.  WHO.

2.   I am asking you, Who?

1.  Yes.

2.  Yes?  Who gets the money?

2.  Every bit of it.

1.  No, who gets it?

1.  Yes.

2.  The Rock Band?

1.   No, the government is not going to fund the owners of a lonely heart.

2.   OK let’s try this. Tell me again why they would lose money?

1.   Not they, WHO.

2.   OK forget all that, for what reason is the money disappearing?

1.  The administration believes that they are not helping Americans but are coddling up to the Chinese.

2.  You said, not they, but  WHO.

1.  They are  WHO.

2.   I don’t know I’m asking. So we are playing guess who?

1.   OK let’s do that. You seem obsessed with the idea that our government should fund everything including rock bands from Britain .   If they had funded the “Guess Who” why would they stop funding them?

2.   Well “Guess Who” was Canadian and  “America Women” was very anti- American.  So if I had to guess who was being defunded,  I would guess “Guess Who”.

1.  Who?

2.  Yes.

1.  We are not talking about “Yes”.   I thought we agreed on that.

2.  What?

1.  Not what, who.

2.  Guess who?


2.  No, Guess who.

1.   OK my head is starting to ache. If you think the government should  fund foreign rock bands why not “The Who”?  They are the see me,feel me, touch me guys  and that seems to be your politics anyway. Entwhistle,  Daltry, Moon, Townsend –  why would the government defund them?

2.  Because they’re mean.

1.   Who is mean?

2.   The government.

1.   Why?

2.   Because they want to defund “The Who”.

1.   They never funded them anyway!

2.   I told you they were mean.

1. I just want to get this straight. You didn’t know about WHO but you would like the government to fund Rock bands?

2.  Foreign Rock Bands.

1.  Don’t fund American bands, only foreign?  Why?

2. Yes.

1.  Why do you say yes to why?

2.  There is an American Band “Why” and they are terrible.