I found these comments on Luke 6: 36-42 particularly interesting.   If a blind man leads a blind man they both will fall into a pit (v. 39). The language reminds the reader of Jesus’ words to the Pharisees in Mt. 23:13-24. Christians who demonstrate the mercy and generosity Jesus has spoken of are not to do so self-righteously. It is the mercy of God, not being merciful, which saves us. Those who are unaware of their own sin and unworthiness are of no help in leading others to trust in the grace of God, People who are proud and self-righteous will teach others to be proud and self-righteous. But the disciple who trusts only in the mercy of God for salvation, will also be able to lead others to trust in God’s mercy alone, v. 40. The text ends with the familiar hyperbole of v. 42. If a man cannot see his own great sin, who is he to find fault with others. All men need the freely given mercy of God.