Like Mr. Rosannadanna used to tell his daughter, “it’s always something”. We go from the Chinese Covid to cyclones to cataclysms and chaos and now carcharadon. Your not supposed to leave your house unless you act like the Lone Ranger and there is no place to go anyway. Warnings about the hurricane were as perfervid as warnings about the virus and about half as accurate. Even if there are some leaders in areas that are on the coast who might “allow” you in the waters the great whites are on the prowl.

I have been reading my mother’s journal from the beginning of March until the day she went to hospital and it is a sad thing to see how the virus scared folks but so did just about everything else on the news.  It really is always something.  If something won’t make you sick something will eat you.  My mother was a worrier by nature but she was also wise enough to know when she was being played.  At some point in the last month she confessed that God was in control and she couldn’t change anything.  You would have to know my mom to know how remarkable that was.  We of “little faith” Jesus called us when comparing us to birds and flowers.  That is ok.  It does not take great faith to know we cannot control anything and not freak.  It only takes a great God.