Luther was huge on right doctrine.  When doctrine is rightly taught and the Sacraments rightly administered a unity exists that ought to make the church a united and harmonious whole that looks after the neighbor and works in mercy.

“How can I think myself better than another by reason of my person or my gifts, rank or office? Or what more than I has another to boast of before God concerning himself? No one has a different baptism or sacrament, a different Christ, from mine, or grace and salvation other than I have. And no individual can have another faith than have Christians in general, nor does he hear any other Gospel or receive a
different absolution, be he lord or servant, noble or ignoble, poor or rich, young or old, Italian or German.


When one imagines himself different from or better than his fellows, desiring to exalt and glorify himself above others, he is truly no longer a Christian; because he is no longer in that unity of mind and faith
essential to Christians. Christ with his grace is always the same, and cannot be divided or apportioned within himself.”

The forgiveness we have in Christ and God’s mercy to us results in the greatest amount of care for others.

This from the lead up to the LWML Convention in Jamestown June 24-26

God’s love and goodness provides us with earthly and spiritual blessings in Jesus, therefore we rejoice in God’s bounty with everyone around us.

Convention attendees will be:

  • Fed by God’s Word and Sacrament
  • Joyful, thankful and certain of God’s bountiful goodness
  • Excited to share the joy and blessings we have through Christ’s redeeming love with God’s people everywhere


    • spiral notebooks, any size
    • pencils
    • pens
    • construction paper
    • crayons
    • ruler
    • glue sticks
    • blunt scissors
    • washable markers
    • protractor
    • kids shoes, any size but in good, clean condition
    • Layette Kits
    • Hygiene Kits

(please click the links for the kits above to find out what should be in the kits)