red scarf

Mercy and Sympathy may not be the same thing but they are close.  You can be sympathetic to someone and not really do anything.  Mercy and God’s compassion are always active.

Luther wrote –

“This virtue of sympathy, resulting as it does from a unity of mind and faith, is impossible to the world. In the world every man looks only upon what benefits himself and regards not how others, especially the godly, fare. Indeed, the world is capable of scornful smiles and extreme pleasure at sight of Christians in poverty and distress, and in their sufferings it can give them vinegar and gall to drink.  But you who claim to be a Christian, should know it is yours to share the sufferings of your brethren and to prove your heartfelt sympathy with them. If you cannot do more, at least show it with comforting words or prayer. Their suffering concerns you as well as themselves, and you must expect the same afflictions from the devil and the wicked world.”

June 24-26 is the LWML Convention in Jamestown.

Here is a note from Maryann Anderson – Could you let our LWML Sisters know that I will take names of women who might need a pink scarf.  I could bring the scarves along to the LWML Convention in Jamestown.  If someone won’t be there to get the scarf, I’m willing to figure something else out. I will not be having a table this year so they would need to find me. The Pink Scarf Ministry is giving women who are in cancer treatment or have
recovered from cancer a soft, pink scarf free.  Those of us who make them are in prayer as they are being knit or crocheted, something like the prayer shawls. If they would like to send me an email prior to the convention, that would be great so I’d know how many scarves to bring along. Thank you for your service to LWML.  It is a wonderful Sisterhood of Lutheran Women.
Mary Ann Anderson