“The church has not been arrogant in maintaining that none other than God Himself was doing the beseeching when it pleaded with men, “Be ye reconciled to God,” but it has seemed to shy away from representing the God who causes His sun to shine and His rain to fall upon the just and upon the unjust. It might even be that in this virtual denial of God the Creator the church has been instrumental in bringing into being and fostering the doctrine of evolution as a denial of God the Creator and helps the state toward becoming the god that it would always be by turning over to it what are the church’s functions and therefore God’s glory. One thing is certain, and that is that the church must repent of being less than it might have been and so helping people to be selfish even in their helping of others instead of being merciful even as their Father in heaven is merciful. The work is done, and the needs are met, because God is always the Creator and the Preserver, but the church is not declaring this His glory, and so men misinterpret it and make it the glory of man, the goodness of man, the elevation of man into being god. And man never needs any help in this direction, least of all from the church.”[1]

[1] William Buege,  “Declaring God’s Glory Through Welfare Work”, A paper presented at the Midwest Agency Executives of Lutheran Health and Welfare Agencies in Chicago Ill. Srping of 1960