We called it HAIYAN – I guess the Phillippinos have a different naming system.  I received this early this morning.

Dear Brother in the Faith,
The philippines  suffered so much devastation as supertyphoon “Yolanda” roared across the central philippines last friday. With power and telephone networks  down, many of  the worst hit areas remained cut off from communication  making it difficult to precisely determine the damage “Yolanda” has  wrought to our brethren in the area.  We have three  congregations in the areas worst hit by the storm one is in Mahayag,  Albuera, Leyte( a coastal town) and the pastor, Rev. Xavier james  Palattao told me that almost all houses in his area including those of  our members are either totally destroyed or significantly damaged by  “yolanda’s winds. The church building and the parsonage were not spared.  I am still to receive a communication or report from Rev. Nick Ranara, pastor of the congregation in the Tacloban area.
Our human Care department, the Mindanao District officers, together with our ALERT team, (Active Lutherans Emergency Response Team are working hard  to bring about relief and comfort to the victims.  Many lives(more than a thousand now) were lost. Many are homeless and lost  their means of livelihood. This is the time for all of us to help each  other. I ask you to join me  in praying for all our brothers and sisters in the Philippines especially those that were affected by the storm. Please assist us in whatever ways as the Lord enables you.
Thank you so much. Mizpah.

Pax en Cristo,
Rev. James D. Cerdenola, president
The Lutheran Church in the Philippines