“Kurt Daudt, a Republican from Crown who as been elected to his first term in the state House, has been selected by his 30 fellow House Republican freshman to serve as an assistant majority leader”, is the headline I saw on a website not long ago.  Kurt Daudt was a county commissioner when I took him with me to Kenya several years ago.  The title “Commissioner” seemed to have a great influence on the Kenyans that we traveled with.  There was a lot of discussion about Kurt’s political career and what it could mean.  One of these discussions led to a prediction by our Kenyan hosts that Barak Obama would run for President and that he would win.  Kurt made the observation that the Kenyans knew more about our politics than many of us did. 

Kurt has an eye for photography and I appointed him our “official trip photog”.  Here is some of his work.

Young man at Springs of Life School - Kibera


Young man living in Kibera slum.

Another one of our trip mates was Robert Wurl of Hankinson.  Bob works for a bank and has a passion for Mission work and is involved with his youth group.  Bob has been instrumental in the Project 24 progress.

Bob Wurl and Bill Sharpe getting briefed on Kibera

Once last picture from Kurt – probably my all time favorite.

Baby and Mom at Whema Station near Mombassa