View of Lake Darling on Convention Morning The Minnesota North Convention Started on Monday at Arrowwood Resort on the beautiful shores of lake Darling near Alexandria Minnesota.  I went down on Sunday night to deliver and set up a display for Project 24 and bring along the movie that Stephanie Erlandson and the team had worked so hard on.  It was like driving through a hurricane the whole way down.  When I got there a gentleman from Concordia Publishing House was setting up his display and I said that if the temperature dropped another four degrees we would have some troubles.  It did and we did.  This is the view of Lake Darling I saw in the morning.  I chipped my vehicle out of the ice and finished my display.

Rev. Don Fondow was elected on the first ballot.  President Matthew Harrison spoke at the convention and on Tuesday Project 24 was officially adopted as the Project for Minnesota North.  The question was asked if North Dakota had officially adopted Project 24 and the answer was ‘yes’.  So it is official and one of the reasons that this blog exists is to show the partnerships and connection that Minnesota North and North Dakota have and have had.

In the weeks ahead I am going to try and lay out the meaning of Districts partnering with a partner church overseas, which is what we are doing, and the relationships we have to Synod and that partner church.  We (MN North and North Dakota) are going to be a ‘pilot Project’ for this kind of cooperation with overseas partner churches.

Congratulations to President Fondow and the other vice Presidents on their reelection.