The Heuchert family from St. Thomas ND showed up for confirmation class dressed with these green t-shirts.  I thought at first they were showing support for the ‘Fighting Sioux’ hockey team and then I thought maybe they were making fun of me because Tim Tebow has been traded to New York.  I got the story …………….

Samuel Green celebrated his 6th birthday on March 21.  Samuel was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumors (dsrct) earlier this year.  In an effort to support Samuel and his family “Team Green” t-shirts were sold.  Everyone wore their green on Samuel’s birthday and posted their photos on the Team Green Facebook group page. Please check out the “Team Green” group on Facebook for a wonderful glimpse into how our communities have come together to support Samuel & his family.  Samuel’s family has also set up a website (search for “samuelgreen” with no space) in an effort to share his story.