I still remember where I was going and what I was doing on 911.   I was traveling to Fargo to visit with Bill Sharpe about Lutheran Church extension. Announcement came on the radio that a small plane that a “small plane” had flown into the towers and immediately I knew something was deeply wrong.   It was a clear Day in New York City and no matter how one tried to think about it it seemed incomprehensible that it was an accident.   As the minutes past it was pretty obvious that this was an incomprehensible disaster caused by other human beings who meant us harm.   I also remember the sense that everyone you ran into wanted to talk about it and wanted to be reassured by another human being  that there was a shared reaction of fear and loathing.  That sense of community seems to have been lost and shattered.  Sadly, we still are in community as God intended, we just cannot learn how to live in it as intended.