LWML Rally – Kettle River Zone at Trinity in Isle

I have been writing about the little publication I found called “The Church at Work in The World at War” .  The problems that it talks about beggar description and yet they are problems much like we experience today.  How do you mobilize people to do something if they are busy just trying to get by in the world in which they find themsleves?   I was reminded of what is going on in the “oil Patch” in sections of the publication.  It talks about how quickly different ‘towns’ grew up in certain areas of the country that had seen little of no growth before but because of the war they became huge sometimes literally over night.

A Pastor in the Western part of North Dakota writes this –

Numbers of overnighters continue to grow. We have 47 one night (in the bldg) plus others in the parking lot. City Council now wants to eliminate all RV/camper dwellers in town, which would mean throwing them to the wolves now bldg camper villages in the county, where lot rent (sewer/water, no electricity) will likely be $1000/mo. This will kill small businesses now allowing employees to park/live on work site). Those businesses cannot afford to house their people in man camps, and the cost of lot rent will mean many of their employees will leave.
Lots of journalist visits–yesterday, 2 Germans (1 newspaper syndicate, 1 from Der Welt magazine). Earlier this week we had film crews from the largest French TV syndicate news magazine & Japan public TV. Last week was journalists from Korea Broadcasting System (they stayed in the church & loved it). Think I told you about the Paris Match journalists & Nat’l Geographic TV.
Tonight I’m doing an adult instruction class w/ amy of the guys who want to come. I do devotions 2-3x/week. The problem is that when guys leave here, work schedules make further contact very difficult.

Now back to the partners.  The old partner name that pops up again and again whenever there is trouble is the LWML.  The ladies of the LWML were helping to build trailers and assisting with transient workers needs back in the 40’s.  I just spent time with the LWML  groups in the Kettle River Circuit and the Circuit that met in Bemidji and I listened to all the services that they provide and help that they offer and it is truly amazing.  Everything from wrapping bandages to pregnancy help centers, they do it.

LWML Lunch at Isle