I listened to years to a radio talk show host and enjoyed him very much.  He was a conservative and at the time I listened to him he was a lone voice in the media.  He grew in popularity and of course became the betenoire of the left and a thorn in the flesh of many politicians.  I had not heard him in a while but I knew he lived in Florida and I wanted to hear his perspective on getting ready for a hurricane.  He said that he has his own theories about the different paths that weathermen said a hurricane could go and he explained the different “spaghetti models” and how a problem with forecasting was the inability to take into account wind shear at the top of the clouds.  He also was joking about the notion that a week out before any landfall was possible people were complaining that bottled  water was sold out.  He told people that there is a miraculous thing in most homes called a faucet and if you turned it on in most places in America there was an unending supply of good water.  He told people to fill their tubs and take plastic bags and fill them 3/4 full of tap water and put the bags in the freezer and when the power when out, voila, they would have cold water.

He never said anything about climate change being a hoax.  He never said that people should not leave or that there was no danger.  He said none of those things and yet it was reported that he did.  On one news program with a panel everyone reported that this individual said things he never said.  One gentlemen reported that he had listened and that none of these things were said and the next person on the panel started talking as if the other panel member had never spoken.

This is not just fake news, these are outright lies.  Sadly there are audio tapes of these shows.  You can go back and listen and these people have made up their minds about climate “deniers” and the religion of “climate change” and they will not even take the time to check their stories.

If you are reading these blogs about the politicization of everything you will notice how politics and theology often cross wires and sometimes theology is used in a political sense and vice versa.  There is a reason for that and we will be looking at it soon.