Politicizing sports is nothing new.  There is a psychological boost that takes place when sports, which should be something to be enjoyed without consequences, except to maybe make you get out and try and work hard to be a fit athletic person too.  Sadly sport brings about wonderful ways for demagogues and the stupid to rouse and roil masses.  Hitler tried it and walked out when Jesse Owens won an Olympic medal in Munich.  The Russians are famous for politicizing sports and the Chinese and Koreans are not far behind.

The thing about making political statements in sports is you need to make it plain what you are doing so people understand.  The fact that we have all kinds of talking heads on TV bloviating over what the athletes are doing and why, shows the stupidity of it all.  What were the Green Bay Packers doing?  Were they protesting or trying to stop the protests?  Were they agreeing with what Kaepernick was trying to get too or not?  By the way does anyone know what Kaepernick was advocating?

Some said it is about free speech so let’s have an experiment.  Let’s take a team, any team and let half the players take a knee and the other half run onto the field covered in Confederate flags.  We will see soon how much this is about free speech.