terrorThis is from Nedra Pickler of the AP

President Barack Obama on Monday directed $10 million in emergency Pentagon spending to help France fight terrorists in northwest Africa.

Obama made the order Monday in a memo to his secretaries of Defense and State from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast. “I hereby determine that an unforeseen emergency exists that requires immediate military assistance to France in its efforts to secure Mali, Niger, and Chad from terrorists and violent extremists,” Obama wrote.

France recently launched a military operation against Islamist groups, with some 3,000 troops being dispatched to five of its former colonies in Africa’s Sahel region. The operation is code-named “Barkhane” after a crescent-shaped dune in Sahara desert.”

This is from me.

The President of the United States could not foresee what missionaries and religious leaders and even visitors have been seeing and saying for a number of years.  Terrorism and acts of terror are growing all across Africa inspired and led by Muslims and the proponents of Sharia Law. Even after the fall of Libya, the mess in Syria, the near disaster in Egypt, the nightmare in Irag, the murders and kidnapping in Chad, the continuing fighting and murder in the Sudan, Somalia and Kenya, the President on another vacation finally saw the unforeseeable.  It is strange.  We know that the President never knows anything until he sees it on the news but the terrorists themselves are all over twitter and Facebook which is why missionaries probably should not be.  If the Government of the US can’t protect you, protect yourself.  This government can’t seem to do anything much about anything accept spend money in all the wrong place for all the wrong reasons but I digress.

A while back a missionary wrote this…………………

I had omitted in my earlier report pictures of graduating students and award recipients due to security reasons. I had hoped to send detailed pictures of my day to day events as soon as the crisis in Africa is a little under control. However, there is an African adage, that will best explain the line of thought in this report … “Tombo turuseri  gote or’lomenibi-a” (one cannot as a result of suffering, swallow his or her own cough).