Today on the “news” I hear something truly bizarre.  College students were asked what they thought of the Presidents State of the Union.  Of course these glittering gems of American education generally berated the speech and all the terrible things the President had said.  The only issue is that the speech doesn’t take place until tonight.

We are also being treated to folks who should know better discussing whether or not “thinking” about firing someone is and obstruction of justice.  Remember these folks were educated in the same institutions where folks listen to phantom State of the Union speeches.

It has become apparent over the last few years that the so-called “news” is not really a reporting of facts that have taken place, but a kind a crystal ball into which people appear to try to figure out what will take place. Rather than waiting to actually listen to the President’s State of the Union address we are greeted with questions about what we can expect to be said at the State of the Union address. It is also extremely apparent that the media, rather than being a reporter of news is trying to shape our notion of reality. The other day I was told that I should not listen to my uncles and my dad and my grandpa about their opinion of the NFL and the protests that many people believe has caused the league to lose revenue, viewership, and fans. Well I haven’t been listening to any folks like that but I have been listening to younger people. I haven’t met any at the think the protests are a good thing, in fact many of the people that I listen to tell me that if they are going to watch a game they tune in after the anthem. Many folks that I have talked to refuse to listen to sports radio anymore because they said “we don’t get any sporting news we get political commentary”. Instead of hearing people talk about how the Patriots can pick up the blitz, we are treated the commentary about whether or not Bob Craft is a racist or if Tom Brady will go to the White House if they win another Super Bowl.  The last safe place the average American had to escape politics was the football field. That safe space is gone and rather than being angry like uncles and grandpas might be, the middle aged and the young among us are simply sad.  Maybe these folks need to go to an institution of higher learning and listen to phantom games and phantom commentary that appeal to them.