Jesus spoke as one who had authority Mark records in his Gospel. We have a lot of people today who are authorities on just about everything. Authority in our world is someone who has an opinion because your opinion is just valuable as mine. “Free speech” makes everybody an authority whether they know anything about the subject matter or not. Authority also means the ability to act freely in such a way that others are bound to follow you or heed what you say. Jesus spoke with authority because he wasn’t just spouting off his opinion, but he was bringing in the words of
his Father. The Word that created the world was speaking to the world.  He has authority because all things were made through Him and for Him and because all things fit together in him, and all things will finally be brought under his Lordship. All through his ministry Jesus was asked “by what authority to you do these things?” The sneaking suspicion that Jesus did have the authority to do what he did and say what he said because he was the Messiah is the essential problem that faced the people of Jesus day. It is the essential problem in our day as well. Either Jesus is who he says he is, or he’s the greatest liar the world is ever known.  C.S. Lewis said Jesus is either a liar or a lunatic or he is who he says he is.

Jesus showed His authority over the demons.  He basically told them to be quiet and stop doing whatever nefarious things they were doing and they obeyed.   Jesus shows His ultimate authority on the cross where He died to take away sins.  When he said “it is finished” the devil has to shut up for good.  He can no longer accuse us because our sins are gone.  He has to be quiet because his time is over.  You get to talk, and praise, and witness to the Christ whose authority freed you.