It would be funny if it were not so sad.  Watch carefully as politicians seek to divide and then when the division takes place lecture the rest of us that we need unity and concern for others.  The so called media asks when the politicians will take the gloves off and get real in their attacks on those with whom they have differences and then when they do they clamor that the race is getting nasty.  Men and women are pitted against each other in gender politics.  Black and white and brown and red pitted against each other in race politics.  Rich and poor in economic politics.  When folks finally react as sinful human beings do, then the politicians come together to try and get us all to come together too.  If the system is rigged, and it is, this is where the rigging begins.

Once again I go to Luther who as far as I am concerned always gets “to the nut of it”.

“In temporal affairs, every inequality in the world can be harmonized by a unity of mind and heart. In relations other than spiritual there is mutual love and friendship. How great the outward dissimilarity between man and wife—in person, nature and employment! likewise between masters and their subjects. Yet, in mutual conscientiousness they mutually agree and are well satisfied with each other. So it would be possible to enjoy life upon earth in peace and happiness were it not that the devil cannot suffer it. He must divide hearts and alienate love, allowing no one to take pleasure in another. He who is illustrious, of noble birth, or has power or riches, feels bound to despise others as silly geese or witless ducks.”