So Joy Reid was bloviating about Presidents’ Day and said something to the effect that this is the second time we’ve had a Presidents’ Day without a “real” President. Well Joy I thank you for that amazingly well thought out opinion and the clarity with which you laid out why you have that opinion.

Joy seems fixated on Russians and how they sowed discord, confusion, and misinformation in the electoral campaign.  I would like a “real” discussion about the fact that the Russians had no need to do that because political parties are capable of doing that themselves.  Harry Reid can stand in the well of the Senate and state that Mitt Romney never paid taxes and everyone who was in the know, knew it was a lie and yet nothing was done about it.  The Hilary Pizzagate Story is still believed by many even though it has been pretty much debunked.  The land between what is real and what isn’t I would submit is inhabited by folks like Joy, who seem to subscribe to the George Costanza  motto for life – “it isn’t a lie if you believe it”.

Let’s take Joy‘s train of thought a bit further and think about all the other things that aren’t real anymore since we had two terms of a “real” President. We don’t have a real FBI anymore when numerous tips about shooters and terrorists go uninvestigated and slip through the cracks, but 13 Russians can be indicted after spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money to investigate trumped up charges.  Folks like Joy will never bring up the fact that the FBI has no way to extradite those people to bring them to justice. Folks like Joy don’t want to talk about the fact that we don’t have a real FBI if the agents spend all their time trying to set up people in the White House, conspiring on their emails, and using what once was a real  government agency to overthrow a sitting president, real or not.  The FBI emails that are out there for folks to read sound like High School mean girls conspiring against the cute girl that just moved in and is getting the attention of the cool guys.  The deputy Director of the FBI in an unreal act of a petty prankster goes into the office of the then White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and tells him the FBI knows that all the stories about collusion and Russians are phony nonsense.  When Priebus gets understandably upset and yells that the FBI should tell the press, the news is leaked making it look like Priebus was trying to control the “freedom of the press”.  This kind of stuff is childish and unreal.  It is also dangerous.

After two terms of a real President by Joy’s light we have no real equal protection under the Law.

Joy might have wanted to comment on the fact that after two terms of a “real” President we don’t have a real IRS anymore. When the most powerful agency of government is used as a private social club to bash conservatives and question people about who spoke at their book clubs and prayer services, things have truly become unreal. When an agency invented to collect taxes because a political club things are unreal.

Joy might have wanted to comment upon the fact that after eight years of what I’m sure she believes was a real president, we have an unreal Veterans Administration that seems incapable of even keeping up with a list of appointments. After eight years of what I’m sure she believes was a real president our Armed Forces have been reduced to something that seems unreal. Brave men and women who signed up to fight and die for this country have almost been reduced to training with stick rifles and sitting in stripped down jet airplanes making zoom -zoom sounds as they try to imagine what it would be like to fly.

Joy certainly should be able to comment on the fact that we don’t have a real press or real news anymore. We have a political party pretending to give us real news. We don’t have real editorializing anymore because an editorial means there has to be some factual and historical background for the opinion that you have.

Now we have folks that are trying to fix all the unreality we have gotten into and they are accused of being neo-nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists and the usual list that defines the deplorables that according to folks like Joy half the country has become.

Joy throws out some particularly interesting slop about entering an “age of unreason”.  Sorry Joy, your about 60 years too late; unreal.