Julie tumaiani

I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the past two weeks in Kisumu, Kenya at the Project 24 site, Tumaini.  This is a site that orphan, partial orphan, or high risk girls come to live.  There are 40 girls ranging from age 9-17 living here; they come from all areas in the Lake Diocese.  The girls attend a nearby school where they are currently finishing their studies for the year.  They had exams last week and this Friday, October 28th the school will be closing for the year.  At that time the girls living at Tumaini will head back to their homes until January.

I have been able to visit the school, as well as other ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya) sponsored schools during my time here.  I have also been able to visit two of the girls’ homes.
Keep praying for Julie and supporting her and our whole Kenya team as well as the Project 24 sites that exist and are being built.