Attachment-1 (2)Folks at the Udom Center in new outfits giving a concert.

 Progress at Our New Site: Lenkishon Construction continues on at our fifth site located in Lenkishon, just two hours south of Nairobi.  Local workers are working under the timeline presented to them by the ELCK leadership. The goal is to have the dormitories complete by the end of November. In the month of December, the new children, who are hand picked by the ELCK Central Diocese, will be admitted. This will be in time for the children to adjust to their new surroundings before they begin the new school year in January. Due to the fact that the ELCK Central Diocese leadership have been attending Project 24 meetings with the other dioceses for the last year and have learned from their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, they are ready to start their own project. They know that they still have a long way to go but with their new network community they will have the support that they need. The Central Diocese looks forward to hosting the State of Project 24 Forum as well as the Catechetical Club Competition next year at their new facility.