angel mikeSt. Michael the archangel was always considered the protector of the church.  We Lutherans have no problem with that,  Here is an article taken from CPH, Treasury of Daily prayer that I urge you all to get.

The name of the archangel St. Michael means “Who is like God?” Michael is mentioned in the Book of Daniel (12:1), as well as in Jude (v. 9) and Revelation (12:7). Daniel portrays Michael as the angelic helper of Israel who leads the battle against evil. In Revelation, Michael and his angels fight and defeat Satan and his angels, driving them from heaven. Their victory is through Christ’s own victory over Satan in His death and resurrection, a victory announced by the voice in heaven: “Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come.” (Rev. 12:10) Michael is often associated with Gabriel and Raphael, the archangels who surround the throne of God. Tradition names Michael as the patron and protector of the Church, especially as the protector of Christians at the hour of death. On or near September 29th each year, the Church gives thanks to God for His protection of His angels, and for their faithful service in announcing and defending the Holy Gospel, forever pointing us to Jesus Christ and His Word. (Adapted from CPH’s Treasury of Daily Prayer)

The problem is there is always someone out there who thinks that they can protect the church and there is always someone out there who is ready to let them try.  Back in the day there were political fights to get named the defender of the church, or protector of the church.  Luther had thoughts……………………….

“We would be in a fine predicament if the Christian church had no other protector that some worldly prince. No prince is sure of his own life for the space of even one hour. Therefore Luther considered the idea of defender of the Faith and utterly stupid perversion of the truth. He said:, here you can see how poor mortal, future victim of worms, like the emperor, who is not sure of his life or even one moment, glorifies himself as the true protector of the Christian faith. Scripture says that the Christian faith as a rock, too solid to be overthrown by the might of the devil, by death and all powers, that this faith is a divine power (Romans 1:16).  Such a power should be protected by a child of death who can be put to death by any kind of disease? Help us God, the world is crazy… Well, soon we shall have a king or prince will protect Christ and then somebody else will protect the Holy Ghost, and then of course, the holy Trinity and Christ and faith will be in fine shape!”.