The time is here for another Mary Okeyo Trip to Kenya as we work in partnership with the ELCK. Please include the following announcement in your bulletin and newsletters:

Eunita's church

Someone told me that folks will wait till the last moment to do just about anything – we told you about Eunita and her church still waiting to put a roof on their  church.  I just got a call from a couple of folks that are wondering about the applications for the next Mary Okeyo trip – it has been announced a few times but here we go again.

The Kenya Task Force is now accepting applications for the next Mary Okeyo Scholarship Trip to Kenya.  The Mary Okeyo trip will take place sometime between May 27th and June 15th, dependent on schedules.  We are looking for applications from 18-28 year olds from North Dakota and Minnesota-North District congregationswho would like to spend 7-10 days traveling in Kenya with ELCK Deaconesses,visiting Project 24 Rescue Centers (orphanages) and seeing other sites.

Airfare is covered by the Mary Okeyo Scholarship Fund, individual travelers areresponsible for cost of their passport, vaccinations, travel within Kenya, food and lodging during the trip.  Congregations of selected applicants are encouraged to offer financial help.  Applications and more information can be found at the ND District LCMS website.

In addition, the Task Force is looking for one North Dakota pastor and one North Dakota layman to go on the trip, according to Resolution 3-07.  Application information may be obtained from the District website by clicking the on the link above.

All Applications are due by February 28, 2013, and will receive equal consideration by the Kenya Task Force.