Climate Change Protestors

Department of Health Officials spent work time and state tax money, studying the sermons of a worker who was a lay preacher in his church.  The allegations are that they divvied up his sermons among a group of folks and read them and evaluated them on state time and after reading them fired him from his job.  Now all the facts are not in but recently the word was out that denying the idea of climate change can lead to prosecution by the Federal Government, or at least it is being contemplated according to the Attorney General.  Not long ago the someone in a State government somewhere wanted the Pastors in a certain town to send in their sermons, “for evaluation”.  Now we have the great bathroom crisis and States causing an awful lot of difficulty for folks who think that girls and boys should have different bathroom facilities.  There was a time that everyone agreed that there should be separate facilities for the sexes.  Now we can’t agree what the sexes are or how many there are.

We were promised a transformational President and in one instance at least we were not lied to.  If we go back 8 years and think about what was going on we have been transformed into an unhappy, frustrated, divided and rather silly country.  The cold war is back, the middle class is gasping and on the brink of extinction.  Those who were heroes a while back are held in contempt and vilified.  There is no such thing as public service.  The public exists to serve the governing authorities.

There is a classic line from T.E Lawrence when confronting the tribalism and  generational hatred of folks he was trying to unite against a common enemy.  He told them they were ” silly people a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel.”  We have been Balkanized and turned into a “silly people”.