confirmationPrayers ascend for Pastor Ramey, Bob Merrill and Mick Peppard.

There are a lot of people to pray for everyday.  We have prayer chains that get rather long sometimes.  I have people that ask me what is wrong with the folks that we are praying for and I usually try not to say.  If someone wants the details of their surgery or malady made public they can do so, but I don’t think that is my job.  I still remember when my Father was very ill, he ended up in the hospital what seemed like every other week.  When I would call to find out what was wrong no one would tell me (until they understood that I was his son and had durable power of attorney for health care).  My dad had a right to privacy, but I could read his church bulletin on Sunday and find out everything I needed to know about what was wrong with him.  The Doctor would not tell me but whoever wrote the church bulletin knew all about it. To this day, and dad has been gone for a long time, that still bothers me.

Anyway there are a lot of ways that our paths cross up here in the North country so here goes.  Pastor Scott Ramey is the Pastor of Immanuel in Rolla ND.  He also serves All Nations in Rock Lake ND where Gloria Gebur, the parish nurse for Trinity in Drayton was a member for years.  Pastor Ramey’s Father passed away and the funeral was held this week in Minneapolis and so we asked for prayers.  On Sunday we brought in at Zion 3 adults by adult confirmation.  Scott and Jennifer Lindenberger on the left of the picture and Tiffany Unke on the right.  Tiffany’s husband, Tim, became a member by transfer and he transferred from Our Saviors in Crookston were Pastor Ramey was once an associate Pastor.

Tim’s grandmother, Donna Niemann is the organist at St. John’s Lutheran in Crystal.  Donna is one of a corp of 8 organist’s that I was blessed to have over the years at the three churches I serve.  They were Donna at Crystal, Sheila Weinlaeder, Linda Merrill, Doris Jensen at Trinity in Drayton and Vivian Miller, Judy Anderson, Jeanette MacAtee and Julie Wendelbo at Zion.  Julie got married and moved away.  Jeanette moved to Lake of the Woods and she is also related to Tim Unke and Donna.   Vivian retired.  Judy Anderson’s husband died and she moved to Grand Forks and married Ray Leclerc who is related to Doris Jensen who also retired and moved to Grand Forks.

Linda Merrill’s husband Bob is undergoing treatments in Rochester.  Linda’s mother is Vivian Miller.  Vivian is also Judy Leclerc’s aunt.  Ray LeClerc and Doris are related to Mick Peppard.  Mick was the subject of this blog on February 11, 2012.  Mick was transferred to Rochester this week.  I referred Linda to Trinity in Rochester and the wonderful ministry that they sponsor that was a subject of this blog on August 7, 2012.  Ken Weinlaeder, Sheila’s bother in law was the school principal there and first told me about that ministry.

So if you got through that Prayers ascend for Pastor Ramey, Bob Merrill and Mick Peppard.  Welcome and prayers to the new members at Zion, but before we stop we welcome Ashley Weinlaeder  who joined Trinity through adult confirmation.  She is Sheila’s daughter-in – law.  I don’t have a picture.