Marvin Mosolf

I have noticed lately that I use an awful lot of idioms.  The word idiom derives from the Greek ἴδιος which means “one’s own”.  The root also gives us the word “idiot” which used to mean a private person or one who was not involved in public life.  So an idiom is a phrase that is peculiar to a region or a country or an area of a country.  When spoken in the presence of a stranger it may sound like a private joke or a means of keeping something secret.   “Something to hang your hat on” is an idiom that means to trust or believe in something.  It makes no sense in places that don’t have hats.

I have, hanging around the walls of my basement and in various boxes here and there, a grand variety of baseball caps much to my wife’s chagrin.  I had forgotten where this collection idea originated until the day after Marvin Mosolf passed away.  I had visited him some time ago and he had a collection of hats that had grown to where he needed a special display case and I remember now that I thought “hey this is a great idea”.  One quickly finds out, unless he is living alone, that he needs a place to hang his hats, preferably a place that will magically dust them once a week.

The more pious among us might think that I am being irreverent but, Marvin “hung his hat” on the Cross of Jesus Christ.  I am not being flippant with that statement.  In Christ and Him crucified Marvin found the place where he could live and move and have his being.  Because of Christ he could live faithfully and well, serving God and his neighbor without fear all the days of his life.  In other words Marvin lived the Benedictus.  He had the normal fears that all of us wrestle with but he lived his life hanging his hat on the Cross on which His Savior died to free him.  He will be missed.

Heaven is the place where my Bible says the faithful will receive a “crown of righteousness”.  Some folks believe that there are five different crowns awarded.  Five heavenly crowns mentioned in the New Testament  are the imperishable crown, the crown of rejoicing, the crown of righteousness, the crown of glory, and the crown of life.  That seems sufficient but my guess is that if they were short on crowns Marvin would be quite content with a Twins baseball cap.

Born – March 24, 1932 – Died – June 26, 2015

Marvin C. Mosolf, 83, Drayton, North Dakota, died Friday, June 26, 2015 in Unity Medical Center, Grafton, North Dakota. Marvin Clifford Mosolf was born March 24, 1932, on his grandparent’s farm, northwest of Cavalier to Herman and Mildred (Talley) Mosolf. Marvin was baptized and confirmed at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in St. Thomas, North Dakota. He attended country schools and graduated from Drayton high school in 1950. Marvin was united in marriage to Dolores Brodeur on October 26th 1955. The couple lived in California where Marvin worked as a machinist for Vandenburg Air Force Base. Marvin graduated from mechanical training. The couple lived in California with their three children, Susan, Elizabeth, and Laura until 1965 when Dolores passed away. Marvin returned to North Dakota to join his father farming in 1965. Marvin loved farming and remained on the farm until his passing. Marvin also worked many winters at American Crystal Sugar Company as a machinist. On March 30, 1968, Marvin was united in marriage to Clarice Helm and she later adopted the girls. The family farmed together for many years until they retired in 1996. He enjoyed camping, hunting and fishing trips and was an avid Twins fan. He was a member of the Santa Maria Rod and Reel club.

Marvin was very active at Trinity Lutheran Church, serving as superintendent of the Sunday school for many years. Marvin was a director on the Drayton Ambulance board, President of Aid Association for Lutheran Branch 2985 and President on the Drayton School Board.