I think about this family quite a bit.  They had a great camel herd and a wonderful family and we visited with them one evening as the sun was going down and the elephants were begining to move in the hills off in the distance.  These were Christian children and their relative was the local Pastor.  I wonder if they know that there are people all over the North Country who are interested in them and their faith and who condider them to be brothers in Christ.

I went to Africa along time ago and was amazed by what I experienced.  I went with Roger Weinlaeder and Joanne Drevlow, and Rachel Sharpe and they were stunned by what they experienced and started sharing a vision.  Then Bill Sharpe and Ed Bean and Bob Wurl and Kurt Daudt from Minnesota went and they joined up with Roger Weinlaeder to get Project 24 going.  Those guys started taking other folks and the Mary Okeyo scholarship fund sent young people over including Julie McManus whose Father Pastor McManus has worked tirelessly for Project 24.  In the midst of that we had Pastor Mike Geddings  go over and he took Pastor Berglin and now the Project 24 story has moved into the Wisconsin area.  It has been a ride.

The latest Project 24/ CCCK newsletter was about Pastor Berglin and the school at his church.  Pastor Berglin was in Bismarck for a while and is now in Wisconsin and his work is much appreciated.  It would be fun to see all the connections if we could get a comprehensive list but I don’t know how to do that.  I just know that all those connections are wonderful and through all the trials and tribulations of Project 24 they have held together and continue.  Mercy work is never easy and always stand against opposition for a variety of reasons not the least of which are other mercy projects.  There is enough misery to go around and there is enough of our reflected love of Christ to go around as well.

Some day I am going to ask the folks that have been so important in Project 24 to give a little testimonial to what they do and why but until then God bless you all and thanks.