Project 24 folks who spent time with our partners in Kenya always talk wistfully about Matongo.  Matongo Seminary is one of the stops that everyone makes and it is fun to see how it is developing.  I always remember Matongo as an area rather than one place.  My memories are of a mountain and on one side is the seminary and on the other is a orphanage for very small children and across the road is a Project 24 center.  Memories can be wrong of course, but the point is that Matango is doing well and sending laborers into the Harvest.  Kissinger is here spreading the word about Project 24 (this morning he is in Mankato at the Minnesota South Pastor’s Conference) and this gentleman, Benard, is a part of the ongoing story of partnerships and proclamation.  The Lutheran Church of Uganda is now an associated church and the work is expanding.  Here is Benard’s letter to Bob Wurl.

Hello Mr. Wurl! Greetings to you in Christ. Hope all is well. I'm so excited because
I completed my studies at the seminary in Matongo. God has been so good to me.

It's now that am back to my home country, Uganda and I am a chaplain at Nakabango
Lutheran schools (primary and secondary) and also I Preach at Nakabango Lutheran
Church and Mafubira Lutheran Church. Both congregations are found in Jinja.

May the risen Christ be with you.

Yours sincerely, 
Benard Mwesigwa