Ruby’s Food Pantry

When trying to chronicle the different ways we partner and work together to show mercy and help others in our life together I am always amazed how so much of what churches do get roadblocked or sidetracked and sometimes stopped altogether because of concerns about the church building and the wear and tear etc.  There are sad cases of folks actually leaving churches and going elsewhere because the church was doing something to help others that caused there to be some inconvenience.  A lot of “carpet talk” gets tossed around.  I had tongue in cheek mentioned the carpet in the blog about Ruby’s pantry and received the marvelous reply that carpets can be cleaned!

I have also been told that Our Redeemer in Cloquet also sponsors a Ruby’s Pantry and Christ Lutheran in Superior, Wisconsin will also be hosting one at that  church starting this month.  This is good news and we pray that Duluth/Superior continues their recovery.