Conventions generally are noisy places held in cavernous halls that magnify the noise and are not really places meant for contemplation.  That changed at our convention with the list of the faithfully departed.  It was a wonderful tribute.  Moving music and the roll of those in the districts that had died in the last three years.   It was a long list and as it went by the place was absolutely silent.  The old  “pin drop” comment was true.  I did not want to disrupt or seem disrespectful so I took a quick video of the North Dakota tribute – very short.  We came right after Nebraska and it was interesting to note the graphic read “North District”.  It is comforting to me to note that other make these kinds of mistakes and they have proofreaders.  Anyway, it is very short.  The roll is Evelyn Allensworth, Paul Bunkowske, Charles Johnson (off screen) Roger Leonardt and Bill Sharpe all of whom have been on these blogs at some point.

With the solemn music playing and the roll being played it was quite a moving scene that made me think of the vast numbers and the hosts mentioned in the last book of the Bible.  Every tribe and tongue and nation and people praising God and singing to the Lamb who was slain.  The chaplain, Rev. Weedon did a masterful job with service and reminding us of the communion of saints.

It reminds of the old Hymn “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” – Glory to God, and praise and love,
Be ever, ever given;
By saints below and saints above,
The Church in earth and heaven.