Cataloging our dissent into madness at times has been fun but mostly just depressing. Congress has proven itself over the last year to be worthless. We probably have the best of worlds because they haven’t really passed much of anything they simply sit around and do rather silly things.  I heard a prayer today from a congress person end with amen and awoman.   We laugh at the shenanigans as we have in the past until we wake up one morning and realize that everything that was the standard is gone. We have no common language anymore, and words don’t really mean anything.  Dictionary’s have to be changed every few months to accommodate the stupidity .

And yet there is hope as we stand on the brink of Epiphany, when the word of God manifests himself in human flesh and we see God’s glory shining in the face of all of our stupidity.   Maybe this will be the year when the kingdom is finally a surety and Christ will be all in all.