The old preachers, many of them had a way with words.

Repentance is the way to God. No other way to God than that taken by penitent thief, Prodigal Son, publican. Some scientists call sin an “upward stumble in man’s progress”; philosophers, “goodness
in the making”; sociologists, “disagreeable hindrance to the smooth ongoing of the social machinery”; psychologists, “egotistical abnormality” for which man is not responsible. No matter what they say, sin is still the curse of curses. Thank God, there is forgiveness! Sin’s debt is paid by the crimson coin of Christ’s blood; sin’s darkness is dispelled by the “Light of the world”; sin’s burden was shouldered by the “Lamb of God”; sin’s poison was dissolved by the healing balm of the cross; sin’s nakedness was covered by the “robe of Christ’s righteousness” (1 Cor. 15:3; Rom. 5:20,21; Is.53:6).   Elmer Mueller