I thought I had heard just about all there is to hear and may have seen just about everything there is to see.  But it is fun to get up in the morning because you never know what other nonsense you’re going to hear or see.   It was Easter Sunday and once again I’m driving, moving around the dials on the radio, when one of the announcers and her partner are talking about how different entertainers had changed their lives. One of them said something that was quite stunning. She said that she had listened to Adele performing at the Grammys (or some awards show)  and felt that something was wrong, and that the performance was bad.  I guess it was revealed later that there was a technical problem with the sound system.  But here is the amazing statement;  she felt that she could not form an opinion about it until she got on Twitter and found out what everyone else was saying. This is a fascinating statement and it was backed up by her partner on the radio. So which is it? Do we want to be able to have our own opinions, and our own ideas about things and be able to express them, or do we want validation of what we think?  Do we want others opinions about what we think?  Or, scary, do we want to be told what to think?