eUnita and flag

Eunita Odongo was able to carry the Kenyan Flag into the convention center for the LWML convention. The picture at the Project 24 booth was her and the Tyrell family.   The bookends I was wondering about are Emily and Kelsie Tyrrell, Olivia’s sisters and Eunita’s new friends.  Olivia was one of our Mary Okeyo scholarship fund travelers.

The LWML convention is over and the ladies are coming home with all that excitement and enthusiasm that conventions bring.  Their support will continue around the world and we need to be mindful of what they and their “mites” accomplish.  I have been privileged to see where the mites and the LWML excitement meets the “rough edge” of the churches mercy work.  I is humbling and amazing at the same time.  Thank you Tyrell’s for all you have done to help Eunita.  Thanks Eunita for being at the convention and being a witness for mercy work.  Thanks LWML for everything.