Annie Pietscha

This blog was written to document and inform about the partnerships and connections we have up here in the North country.

If you have followed this blog you know that a group of students went over on the first Mary Okeyo Scholarship trip as a kind of ‘shake down’ journey and to get video, pictures and interviews.  They worked very hard getting blogs up for us on the trip and when they could have been relaxing on the beach or goofing off they were working and getting interviews and pictures.

The Minnesota Convention is coming up next week and you will be seeing some of their work.  Annie worked on still photos and the brochures that we have for congregations and groups.  I believe that she did a great job and some of the vibrant colors that she uses came from the Samburu people’s dress and decorations.  As with everything else her work cost us nothing accept for producing enough copies for everyone.

Annie worked at Lutheran Island Camp and does free lance work in graphic arts.