Kyle Novak

The Minnesota North Convention is coming up next week and many important things will be decided, among them a ratification of a partnership that exists already in an informal way.  This blog was written to document and inform about the partnerships and connections we have up here in the North country.

Kyle Novak is the only one of the group besides me, that is from North Dakota.  If you have followed this blog you know that a group of students went over on the first Mary Okeyo Scholarship trip as a kind of ‘shake down’ journey and to get video, pictures and interviews.  Kyle was my ‘tech’ guy, body guard and our negotiator in the markerplaces.  Kyle is continuing to help me with presentations and the technical stuff that sometimes eludes me.  Kyle goes to school at UND and is wondering what he wants to do and where he should go for continuing his education.

Kyle has volunteered to come and talk to youth groups and others that might be interested in sending young people over on the Mary Okeyo Schoarship fund.  If you would like Kyle to speak at your group please text him at 701 -520- 9703, or call me at 701-520-0154 and I will get in touch with him.