Cheryl Petersen

One of the most values partnerships we have is with the various Lutheran Women’s Missionary Leagues at all levels, from the local units to the District’s to the National.  We think it is important for groups like the LWML at any level to know and understand where their mites and donations go.  The LWML Convention for the Minnesota North LWML is coming up in June.  The Minnesota North Convention is coming up next week and many important things will be decided, among them a ratification of a partnership that exists already in an informal way.  This blog was written to document and inform about the partnerships and connections we have up here in the North country.

Cheryl Petersen is the President of the MN North LWML.  She also went on the trip in January and has done various presentations around the Disitrict.  She was fun to travel with – most of the time.  We look forward to her convention in June at Breezy Point.