Some one took this picture and called it “Choirs of Angels”.

they are everywhere


Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.  Hebrews 13:2.
Angels are still popular.  They are ubiquitous.  There are angels for the garden and porch and doorways.  There are books everywhere.  I wrote a song and a Christmas program called “Maybe It’s Time I was an Angel Too” and CPH refused to publish it because they were afraid it reinforced the idea that we become angels when we die.  The fact that it did the opposite was overlooked but I digress.
I wish I would have wrtten down the stories told by older members about the days before the interstate highway system came in and all the roads were dirt and often impassable when it rained.  This was back in the days of “hobos” who would come and ask for food or water as they wandered around the country.  The stories are consistent.  Lonely farmhouse after a rain.  A man appears at the screen door asking for food.  What little there is shared.  The man is polite and refuses to come into the house and eats his jelly sandwich on the porch.  Just as hostess (the stories were always told by women) notices that the man has no mud on his shoes or pants which was virtually impossible in those days, he asks “do you have children?”  Hostess gets nervous.  Why is he asking about the kids?  Then she realizes she hasn’t heard the child/children for awhile.  Investigation and finding child/children in some kind of danger that they are saved from.  Meanwhile back at the house stranger has disappeared.  No tracks in the muddy yard.  No trace.  Vanished.
I am never going to say these are country legends embellished.  I have had too many things in my life that have happened that I have chalked up to my ‘guardian angel”.  Maryann Anderson who has graced the pages of this blog before wrote this the other day.
If you heard of an accident just east of Bismarck on Fri. afternoon where a person was deceased we were the first on the scene.  It all seemed so strange–nothing made sense.  From the six squad cars that arrived on the scene to the patrolman saying, “I need to get you out of here for your safety.”.  It turns out that the driver had already killed his passenger and that the corpse was in the back of the van.  Jonathan had talked to the driver/murderer.  I think our Guardian Angels were on overdrive at that time.  It was all mentioned on the KXMB news tonight.  I suppose it might be on .  Anyway, I guess God still has work for us to do.
All of us up here in the North country remember the horror story of Dru Sjodin.  Born in Prquot Lakes Minnesota, attending UND in Greand Forks she was abducted from the Columbia Mall.  Phone calls from her cell came from near Fischer MN and her body was found not far from Crookston.   50-year-old registered level 3 sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr., was arrested in connection with Sjodin’s disappearance and and finally convicted of her murder.Kurt Daubt who also has graced the pages of this blog, one of the Project 24 guys and a Minnesota State Rep was in Grand Forks with a youth group the night she was abducted.  Pieceing the events of that night together later he believes that he parked next to Dru’s vehicle and actually came into the mall as Rodriquez was leaving.  Pictures of Rodriquez jogged his memory of a strange looking man that he almost bumped into.Anyway if the guardian angels are working overtime, the demons seem to be rising to.  I am always amazed at the Gospel of Mark and how the “unclean spirits” are all over the place, even in the synagogue!  There is a caution there for us as well.  The one who claims us in baptism silences them and removes their power.  But we are still in the world.  We still drive the highways.  Even up here in the North country where many of us don’t lock our doors at night we need to be careful.  The innocence of the old days is gone and as the Bible says, the “Love of many has grown cold”.  Be careful out there.