It’s a good thing to start out with a Psalm a day. Then it’s fun to go and read Luther’s comments on the Psalms.  You begin very quickly to sense a pattern. There is a rhythm to the songs.  There is a pattern that develops and is followed and if I can offer my own opinion it’s a pattern of our life.   The pattern is simple.  There is a report of a disaster, and then the report of a rescue.  There is the report of a terrible problem, and then the report of salvation.  There is the terrible burden of fear and concern and the gift of freedom and being able to breath again.  It is the grand story of our rescue by a great hero who rolls up to save us and that is what the gospel is.

Lent, for most people, is the time to focus on our sins and the sorrow we should have for those sins.  Lutheran’s believe that Lent is a time of rejoicing in repentance.