You must know that from the beginning of the world a wise prince is a rare bird indeed; still more so a pious prince. They are usually the greatest fools or the worst knaves on earth; therefore one must constantly expect the worst from them and look for little good from them, especially in divine matters, which concerns the salvation of souls. . . . If a prince becomes wise, pious, or a Chris-tian, it is one of the great wonders and one of the most precious tokens of divine grace upon the land. For the usual course is ac-cording to the saying in Isaiah 3, “I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them”; and in Hosea 13, “I will give thee a king in My anger and take him away in My wrath”.  So said Luther.

Childishness has been charged to politicians of both sides by both sides probably since political campaigns began.  Watching the hair cut in the midst of covid by an individual who wasn’t wearing a mask while castigating everyone else for not wearing one then hearing the excuses scandal unfold it really does make one wonder if we are not being governed by babies.  The proof might be the policy of change by tantrum .  If you don’t agree with us we will burn your house down.  We don’t like a political appointee we will have a tantrum.  Your words offend I’ll have a tantrum.  On and on it goes.