The Scots and the Irish have a great tradition called a Ceilidh, and by some trick of linguistic legerdemain it is pronounced Kaylee.  It is a time when folks get together and sing the old songs and tell the old tales.  Much of the Scotch and Irish music is behind the rhythms and the runs and the melodys that come out in the Blue Grass tradition and some County music.  The night before the Reformation, Mission and Mercy worship that took place at Zion English in Grafton a Kaylee of sorts was held and enjoyed.  We had come back from the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Mercy Conference and folks from far away came and enjoyed.  I think the President Matthew Harrison enjoyed and I think all had a good time.  On mandolin was Lyndon Johnson, on banjo President Harrison and some vagrant who came in from the rainy night on guitar,  Here is President Harrison’s take on the day and the night.

Had a terrific weekend. Traveled to Fargo on Friday. Presented on my little book on
Paul’s collection for Jerusalem: Remember the Poor on Saturday at the Mercy
Conference at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. What a facility. What a mission to
traumatized young people. Delightful to tour the facility and meet the kids and
staff. Then a “surprise” party at Roger Weinlaeder’s place for the 40th anniversary
of Bernie Seter’s ordination. Brought the banjo and entertained for an hour with one
mandolinist named Lyndon Johnson (the Norwegian not he president). Bernie joined us
on guitar. As usual he blew us all away with a few of his own songs about Africa,
Kibera slums, mercy, etc. Spent the night at Weinlaeder’s. Next morning Don Fondow
drove me to Grafton to First (Zion) English Lutheran where Bernie (Chair of World Relief
and Human Care board, and now the Board for International Mission), has served for
40 years! Gorgeous little church. Fantastic folks. Don Fondow preached a powerful
reformation sermon at 9:30. Lunch after. I had the honour of preaching at 1:00 for a
Reformation Mission Festival. Then John Edson and his lovely wife drove me to the
Grand Forks Airport. My bags were heavier. Boys and Girls Ranch sent me home with a
beautiful original drawing, framed, by one of the students. Another guy gave me two
frozen pheasants! Weinlaeder gave me a Project 24 shirt and hat. Got to Minneapolis
by 6:00 or so. Then took the 8:40 to St. Louis. Construction blocked my normal drive
home from the airport, but arrived about 11:00 pm. Had a lovely time talking about
the weekend with by beloved wife. Day off today. Back at it tomorrow. Thankful. Matt